• Corporate Office Space
  • Covered Area at the False Island Boat and Gear Storage Yard

Board of Directors

Chairman: Adrian B. LeCornu

Vice-Chairwoman: Virginia L. Lawnicki

President: A.H. Millie Schoonover

Vice-President: Andres M. Salazar

Treasurer: Danna D. Jacober

Secretary: Paulette A. Lingley

Director: Ralph J. Wolfe

Core Values

  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Making a difference
  • Integrity
  • A strong foundation
  • Accountability
  • Financial Independence
  • Traditionalism/culture
  • Family "generations"
  • Commitment 

Our Vision

We are the past, present, and future shareholders of Shaan Seet Incorporated.  Shaan Seet will be a driver in the economy, growth, and future of our community, State and nation, through our own investing and effective partnerships. We are the steward of the lands and waters of our ancestors. 

SSI Board Officers

Pictured above are (left to right) Virginia L. Lawnicki, Ralph J. Wolfe, Danna D. Jacober, A.H. Millie Schoonover, Andres M. Salazar, Paulette A. Lingley and Adrian B. LeCornu

Mailing Address:

PO Box 690 

Craig, Alaska 99921

Physical Address:

501 Main Street Craig, Alaska 99921

(907) 826-3251
(800) 841-0236
FAX: (907) 826-3980
Hotel Phone (907)401-0410

Email & websites:

Office Staff

Linda S. Keizer - Office Manager
Dana J. Douville - Office Assistant/Hotel Manager 
Donald C. Templin - Executive Secretary

History of Shaan seet

The history of Fish Egg Island is the basis of our heritage and culture and how Shaan Seet was named.

North Fish Egg Island is located on the northwest portion of the island. This site is extensive and contains garden ridges, house beams, large expanses of shell middens, and various landscape modifications. This village is referred to as "Shaan da". The small strait between Fish Egg Island and the community of Craig is known as "Shaan Seet".


Shaan da is also used to refer to Fish Egg Island as a whole.


Shaan da is a highly significant cultural place from several perspectives. It contains archaeological and historic remains, which can be lined to oral histories passed down by Elders of Craig, Klawock, and Hydaburg. As a regionally important herring fishery for many centuries, the island has been a place where people and culture have come together.

Our Mission

Shaan Seet Incorporated strives to develop economic opportunity that improves the quality of life of our people while perpetuating our culture, which builds trust through integrity and accountability