Shaan Seet Shareholders,

Please visit to update your personal information. If you are unable to access your you can contact us at the main office at 907-826-3251 or email our Executive Services Administrator at for assistance. All checks, newsletters, voting information and proxy ballots will be mailed to your last known address. Please make sure your information remains current and up to date. Thank you!

Shaan Seet is now offering a $50 Dollar Testamentary Disposition Incentive to all Shareholders. Your Testamentary Disposition acts like a Will, specifically for your Shaan Seet Shares, and provides a legal record of where you would like your shares transferred when you pass away. Call the office today to see if you have yours on file!

Board of Directors

Chairperson – Adrian B. LeCornu
Vice-Chairperson – Martha R. Wood
President – Andres M. Salazar
Vice-President – Virginia Lawnicki 
Treasurer – Marina R. Anderson
Corporate Secretary – Paulette A. Lingley 
Board Member – Thomas G. Skultka

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