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Board of Directors

Chairman – Andres Salazar
Vice-Chairwoman – Danna Jacober
President – Edward Douville
Vice-President – Vincent Warner
Corporate Secretary – Paulette Lingley
Treasurer – Virginia Lawnicki
Board Member – Thomas Skultka

Recent Newsletters

Shareholder Info

July 10, 2020
Annual Meeting record date (last day to make changes to stock and or address info.)

August 21, 2020
Early bird deadline

September 12, 2020
Annual Meeting date to be held at the Craig Tribal Hall starting at 11 am for informational – 12 pm Shareholder luncheon – 1 pm Shareholder meeting begins

We look forward to seeing you there!

Shaan seet

MAIL PO Box 690 Craig, Alaska 99921
OFFICE 501 Main Street Craig, Alaska 99921

PHONE 907-826-3251
FAX 907-826-3980