Board of Directors


Chairman – Adrian B. LeCornu
Vice-Chairman – Thomas G. Skultka, Jr
President – Edward D. Douville
Vice-President – Andres M. Salazar
Corporate Secretary – Paulette A. Lingley
Treasurer – Vincent C. Warner
Board Member – Virginia L. Lawnicki

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September 25, 2020


At this time, we would like to acknowledge and thank Nicole Mackie for her service to Shaan Seet, Incorporated. She was a valuable team player who will be missed not only by the central office crew but by many of you as well!

Gunalcheesh, Nicole and good luck, to you, on your new endeavors!

We are also happy to announce that her position has been filled and we are working diligently to get our new assistant caught up to speed. Please, welcome Jessica Demmert-Lingley, as the new Executive Secretary! She will continue to be the main point of contact for shareholder relations, our stock transfer agent and the face of our central office.


The Annual Meeting was successfully executed earlier this month and we are happy to get the newly elected officials and their contact information, posted online. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new officials and their email addresses.


As fall carries us into the winter season; it’s time to consider the upcoming December distribution and that it’s already just around the corner! Come processing time, we’ll need accurate data for you and your families. Be sure to notify us of any of your contact and banking revisions to ensure you receive your distribution timely. You are welcome to contact Jessica, in the main office 826-3251 if you need assistance with updates to your records. Another option available to you, is to complete the processing at your own convenience, online. To personally complete this task: connect to and find the Blue colored, “My ShaanSeet” tab located at the top of our page. From here you may create a user account if you haven’t gotten the chance to already. Enabling this, you’ll be able to edit information about yourself directly and have access to your records on file.


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