Board of Directors


Chairman – Adrian B. LeCornu
Vice-Chairman – Thomas G. Skultka, Jr
President – Edward D. Douville
Vice-President – Andres M. Salazar
Corporate Secretary – Paulette A. Lingley
Treasurer – Marina R. Anderson
Board Member – Virginia L. Lawnicki

Recent Newsletters

Notice of 49th Annual Meeting of Shaan Seet, Inc.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

All Shareholders are invited to the 49th Annual Meeting of Shaan Seet which will be held at the Sunnahae Hotel in Craig, Alaska or virtually beginning at 11am. Shareholders wishing to attend the meeting virtually need to register with Zoom by either going to and selecting “Click here to enter Shaan Seet’s 49th Annual Meeting” or entering this address directly into your web browser:

There are two seats open on the Board this year. There are four candidates running:

Virginia Lawnicki (Incumbent)
Thomas Skultka Jr (Incumbent)
June Durgan
Ronald Durgan

Proxy Statements and Annual Reports will be sent out the first week in August. Please do your part and return that proxy with your votes. Proxies returned by August 19th will be entered into our $250 early-bird drawing. All proxies received by the annual meeting date are entered into other cash prize drawings to be held at the conclusion of the annual meeting.

Your Corporation, Your VOTE! Let your voice be heard!

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Shaan seet

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